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GOSPEL MISSION CHRISTIAN BOOKS, has been in business for forty years, selling a unique collection of christian books, many of which are not available elsewhere.

We hope our new website will help you find the books you are looking for. We are committed to holding fast to The Old Paths (true biblical Christianity)

Gospel Mission needs HELP. If you have a heart for doing the Lord’s work, and have an interest in books, are willing to accept this as a ministry working for minimum salary.

>We would welcome an application from a person with a positive attitude, with some qualifications. “training will be given.”

The bookstore is situated in beautiful rural Montana near the rocky mountain front. Please contact Pastor at or telephone 406 466 2311 for more details, accommodation may be available.

Being a new site (we recently changed our online book store), we still have quite a lot to do to get everything in proper order, but we will be working on this over the coming weeks.